Hello, my name is Gayathri.
I am a creative Web Developer based out of New York City with a background in international business and marketing. I am ambitious and have the drive and energy needed to make significant contributions to a project.

I also have a new found passion for Aerial Silks and Lyra. So everyday, you'll find me writing hundreds of lines of code or hang upside down from Silks or Lyra. Overall it's AWESOME!

Right now I am looking for a great opportunity with an exciting company that wants to attract talented people.

Recent Projects

New York Adventure Club

A client facing site built with React.js and Eventbrite API.

Visit Site


Built with Ruby on Rails

Start Judge-m Git Repo


A game built on Javascript, CSS and HTML

Play STROOP Git Repo

ADA Library

Built with MongoDB and Mongoose for backend and React.js for the frontend

Git Repo


Built with Express.js

TravelX Git Repo


Built with HTML CSS and Javascript

Play Tic-tac-toe Git Repo

US Weather App

Built with React.js

Git Repo

Thank You for viewing my portfolio, I'd love to talk to you about my work and experiences. Connect with me about job opportunities and project collaborations.